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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 30, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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of rain, and later tonight the heaviest rain and strongest winds will come in. very heavy downpours north and west of the district. the effects are some localized flooding concerns. we have a large area of grain this is just the leading edge, stretching back eight or 9 miles of solid rain back to the appalachians. all this will feed through the area tonight. a number of watches and warnings to discuss right now and continue through the evening hours. 1.39 inches of rain in woodstock already over any inch in leesburg. flooding in portions of loudoun county and there are flood watches and wind advisories in effect. the heaviest rain and strongest winds will come for about 1030
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or 11:00. a lot more information or you just ahead. >> ahead of that second wave of potentially damaging wind and rain, we continue our stormwater coverage tonight from leesburg, virginia. >> the situation here is certainly an interesting one. moments ago no rain, and now it is pounding on us. the problem here in leesburg this is a very busy traffic time and there are a lot of cars on the road right now. conditions are gradually getting worse. this system coming up from the south was devastating in parts of tennessee and in northwestern georgia. tornadoes unleased a tremendous amount of damage.
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the situation here in northern virginia will be monitoring throughout the evening. we expect heavy rain off and on with the potential for flash flooding and high wind. we will stay here in the area and monitor the situation. >> remember when severe weather threatens, you can stay up-to- date with the abc 7 storm watch whethereather app. doug hill will be back in a few minutes with the full forecast. >> congress consider new gun safety legislation and those on both sides of the contentious issue packed hearing room on capitol hill today. >> it was a from a field day on capitol hill as gun safety advocates and the nra squared off at the first congressional
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hearing since the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. gabrielle giffords spoke briefly at today's congressional hearing but what she said carried a powerful message. >> we must do something. it will be hard, but the time is now. >> as she made her emotional appeal the nra head re lapierre listen then -- listened in. >> background checks will never be universal because criminals will never submit to that. >> in a fiery rebuttal, her husband mark kelly spoke. >> my wife would not have been sitting in this seat today if we had stronger background checks. >> a teenager who marched during the inaugural parade was shot to
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death in chicago. >> if we can save even one child's life, we have an obligation to try. combat gun violence, president obama islawmakers to pass legislation that will limit the number of rounds in a magazine clip and require universal background checks for gun purchases. the nra says lawmakers should focus on enforcing current laws. republicans and some rural state democrats agree and it is a challenge for president obama. >> the manslaughter conviction of a former culpeper police officer could be thrown out. yesterday a jury convicted daniel harmon-wright in the shooting death of patricia ann cook last february. however to dictionaries and day thesauras for found in the jury
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room, against the judge's instruction. >> the prince george's county firefighter nearly lost and are following a crash on the beltway. he was one of seven people injured in the early morning crash, including four firefighters. a tractor-trailer rig struck a fire truck. both vehicles went into the median and struck an suv. all three vehicles overturned. emmons underwent hours of surgery to reattach the arm. >> the tendons the veins arteries, nurse. >> there were major delays in both directions wall crews cleaned up the scene. if our internet is making a u- turn when it collided with a tractor-trailer. the tractor-trailer, in ordinary circumstances, has the right of way -- the fire engine actually has the right of way. only a few days left until super
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bowl xlvii. >> it is the first time new orleans is hosting the super bowl since hurricane katrina. brad bell joins us live from new orleans with how the community has recovered. >> the people who market new orlin said that those who watched the game in tv are come to the crescent city will see a town that is on the upswing. the superdome itself has been refurbished. we went out and looked around today at some of the places that were hit katrina hit no part of your lens harder than the ninth ward. was an already challenge neighborhood when the waters came. many people died. some rescued from their roofs. >> it just shocked us.
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>> he was lucky enough to have evacuated his home. >> it was very bad. we had eight or 9 feet of water. >> this home tells perfectly the story of the horror that was katrina. inside, even though the house has been gutted, you can still look up and see the hole in the roof cut by people who saw refuge from the attic. restoration has come slowly to this community. there are many houses just like that and even more empty lots where damage was more serious. but there are also signs of improvement for the future. >> these were some nice, nice homes. this is a nice area to live in.
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>> he does build a brand-new house on one of those vacant lots. his neighbors say every step is one in the right direction because we are coming back slowly but surely. god is going to make it work. >> those guys were hit mighty hard by the storm, but you can hear their pride in the city. down the road, it will be better than it was before the storm. >> coming up, baseball has released its earnings report -- facebook has released its earnings report.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> burress in the district will have to pay more attention with your turns. >> it is an effort to keep bicyclist safe. >> it was not so much about enforcement of batter up -- but rather about education. the signs you see right here on pennsylvania avenue and 14th street.
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>> people call it america's main street but it is my main way of coming to work every day. >> a new law bans drivers from making new turns in bike lanes. >> he is glad to see there is an effort to educate drivers on the new law. >> it is a big thing for me and my family. >> police officers and volunteers were handing out fliers informing drivers of the new rules. that shows pennsylvania avenue. >> we have had several crashes here and we want to make sure we don't have any more crashes. >> there's 16 bicycle related crashes on pennsylvania avenue. 11 recalled by drivers making a u-turn.
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education is a good way to start changing the mind of drivers. >> this time he got away with a warning. >> once they start cracking down drivers will be looking at fines of up to $100 each. >> still to come facebook has released a better than expected earnings report. >> here is a live look outside right now as storms moved into the area.
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>> facebook performed better than expected in the fourth quarter topping wall street's
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expectations. it marks a 40% of from the fourth quarter last year. the stock has still not hit its initial public offering of $38 a share. facebook, google, and yahoo! all trying to grab a share of the mobile market as more people switch from computers to tablets. >> quite an interesting afternoon around here. >> more heavy rain coming in and very strong wind. this is that st. john's regional catholic school in frederick. all of a sudden one of the squalls came racing across the top of the mounds and the wind and rain hit. mainly from frederick north and
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that is where the greatest concerns are now with the heavy rain line of intense downpours in the western suburbs. last flood warnings in effect in portions of loudoun county and further south, severe thunderstorm warnings. it is the rain and the wind causing a severe category, and there's more where that comes from. southwest virginia, western north carolina and south carolina, there aren't -- numerous watches and warnings for severe weather. adams town is picking up in frederick county. the very heavy rain continues but it is interesting to note that there is very little rain right now in the immediate washington area. north and west of the area these are wind advisories in
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effect overnight tonight, when gusts of 50 miles per hour. we hit 72 in washington today, 5 degrees shy of the record. not a single drop of rain reagan national airport. 70 reported in manassas and culpeper. the greatest threat is high wind and heavy rain. the timing of that will be 9:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m., starting in the western suburbs. the second heavy round is between 9:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. moving from west to east across the metro area later this evening. then we will settle down to a more predictable winter weather pattern over the next few days. maybe even some early morning snow on friday. saturday, partly cloudy, cold for the groundhog with temperatures in the upper 30's with some late day snow. then we will settle down to
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partly cloudy seasonal weather for the early part of next week. >> now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> it looks like pretty good weather down there in new orleans, but a little chilly. >> it is perfect now clear skies. we had heavy rain this morning but believe me when i say it did not do much to dampen the spirits here as we prepare for super bowl xlvii on sunday. the team for back on the field today practicing, which means all is well with the world. the forty-niners practice at the same facility while the ravens were at tulane. this into jim harbaugh. >> everybody practiced with enthusiasm and known to mankind.
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everybody was really fired up. >> let's get to the controversy. the ravens top brass met with ray lewis this morning and when they were convinced he did nothing wrong, ray then faced the media. he was asked if he is angry because of the distraction. >> you are not angry, you can use a different word. you can use the word agitated. i am not here to entertain somebody that does not affect that one way or the other. i could never let anything from outside affect me. >> ray lewis speaking out today. it was on this date 30 years ago that the redskins played miami in super bowl 17. 104,000 fans in the rose bowl with 10 minutes left in a close
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game. hello, john riggins. he ran for 166 and they beat the dolphins 27-17. he remembers the play like it was yesterday. >> you just know you have to make sure you get penetration. as the results of doing what we were supposed to do, you are supposed to get some yardage. >> the great dr. walker on the 43-yard touchdown play in super bowl 17. high school basketball in rhode island. take a look at this. time running out in half, and look out. spicy, saucy the shot of the day by 16-year-old ben gerard. that is a shot he will never
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forget. the capitals lost by one last night. everybody's talking about the super bowl here in new orleans. >> how is the food down there? >> gumbo every day. tonight, bourbon street. >> good luck.
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>> as we come to the end of january, things are very exciting. >> here is what we have for you severe thunderstorm warnings in culpeper county with high winds and torrential rain. there will be even more later tonight with additional whether developing. we are under wind advisories and flash flood watches and warnings. we will have a lot more for you as the evening wears on. captioned by t
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